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"The Road Lawyer"

The rules governing family in Illinois have changed dramatically in recent years.  However most law firms still cling to outdated business practices that charge huge fees but provide little benefit to their clients.

I always felt there had to be a different way... a better way.

For the last decade, I have operated a unique practice that's focuses on maximizing results while minimizing costs.  I invite you to see why my service is different from the others.


The hard truth is that a vast majority of cases settle, not because the parties have suddenly worked things out, but because one side was unable to keep pace with the cost of litigation and was forced to settle.

Let me show you how I can fight for your rights, without going broke.


Some cases deserve a second chance.

I am a proud member of the Appellate Lawyers Association, a special group of advanced practitioners who have met a rigid set of criteria.  In the last decade, I have litigated numerous appeals throughout the state of Illinois.  Come see what sets me apart from the rest.

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